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Polikarpov I-15 seen in Wings of Russia.

The Polikarpov I-15 was a Soviet biplane fighter aircraft of the 1930s. Nicknamed Chaika which means Seagull in russian because of its gulled upper wings, it was still in large numbers in the VVS (Soviet Air Force) when Barbarossa started on 22nd June 1941. It was already used in combat in Spain (1936 - 1939), in China (from 1937) and in Mongolia (1939).
The variant I-15 bis (also known as I-152) had a straight upper wing.
The I-153 (sometimes named I-15ter) had a retractable landing gear and the "gulled" upper wing of the original I-15.

Nearly 7,000 Polikarpov I-15s of all types were built between 1934 and 1941.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Polikarpov I-15, I-15bis/I-152 or I-15ter/I-153.

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