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Scanair was a charter airline of Danish origins that operated between 1961 and 1994. Its head office was in Bromma, Stockholm Municipality, Sweden. Scanair was originally founded in Denmark on June 1961 and was partially owned by SAS. The first aircraft to be operated was the Douglas DC-7 for charter flights to Spain, North Africa and the USA. In 1965 the headquarters was moved to Stockholm and SAS supplied Scanair with Douglas DC-8 aircraft. Soon thereafter two Boeing 727 joined the growing fleet and Scanair soon became the biggest charter company in Scandinavia.

Other destinations served throughout the years in addition to those mentioned before were the Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the winter resorts of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. To increase capacity the Airbus A300 was acquired but the A300's range was not sufficient for the needs and those were soon replaced with Douglas DC-10s. Scanair grew so much that by the 1980s was carrying over 2 million passengers a year, but that was not enough to turn a profit so a merger partner was found in the Danish airline Conair of Scandinavia with which it merged on January 1, 1994 and that resulted in the formation of a whole new airline called Premiair.

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