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Sukhoi Su-33 seen in Prityazhenie (2017).

The Sukhoi Su-33 is an all-weather carrier-based twin-engine air superiority fighter designed by Sukhoi and derived from the Sukhoi Su-27 and initially known as the Sukhoi Su-27K. The single-seat Sukhoi Su-33 has a twin nose wheel and a strengthened undercarriage and structure, folding wings and stabilators, all for carrier operations. The Sukhoi Su-33 has canards and its wings are larger than the Sukhoi Su-27. The first flight ocured during simmer 1987 and the three dozens built were rolled out at a slow rate until 1999. Only Russia had ordered it and operated it usually from Admiral Kuznetsov carrier vessel or land base. This occured in December 2016 when Russian Navy transferred the carrier's aircraft to an air base in Syria following an arresting cable rupture and the loss of a fighter.
Despite being a different project and airframe, the Shenyang J-15 is linked to this category by its shape and history : the type was designed from a close study and reversed engineered of one of the Su-33 prototype melt with development of the Shenyang J-11 (itself based on the Soviet-designed Sukhoi Su-27).

This page lists all films that feature the Sukhoi Su-33 or the Shenyang J-15.
Please note that Sukhoi Su-27 and Sukhoi Su-30 and Sukhoi Su-35 have their own category.

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