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TransBrasil last logo.

TransBrasil S/A Linhas Aéreas , doing business as TransBrasil was the new name given in 1972 to the company Sadia S/A – Transportes Aéreos created in 1955. In addition to domestic flights to most of the larger Brazilian cities, Transbrasil offered regular and charter service to Miami, Orlando, New York, Washington, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Amsterdam, London and even Beijing. During some time, due to discounted ticket prices and an aggressive commercial strategy Transbrasil surpassed VASP as the second largest Brazilian airline. Despite its growing market share, Transbrasil was already experiencing financial problems. In addition to management problems, Transbrasil was also facing other difficulties, specially the reduced or no profit from its international routes, severe competition from other companies in the domestic front (specially TAM Airlines, a former air taxi company with a growing fleet) and growing expenses. By late 2001, despite several government loans, Transbrasil was amassing huge debts with several suppliers. When Shell refused to further supply fuel without payment, Transbrasil's then aging and reduced fleet was grounded on 3 December 2001. It never returned to the air, and was declared bankrupt in 2003 at the request of one of its major debtors - GE Capital Aviation Services.

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