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A Yak-18T in front of a Yak-18.

The Yak-18T is a Russian monoplane four-seat trainer aircraft able to fly aerobatics. Created in 1965, it's the second used of this designation but the plane shares nearly nothing with the first Yak-18. The requirement was for a civil aircraft that would serve as a primary and advanced trainer, including use of radio and even as an ambulance with a stretcher case along a medical attendant. The production line at Smolensk started on 1967 until the eighties then resumed in 1993. In 1987, the minister phased out the aircraft from Aeroflot service, write-off sending half of them to the scrap yard. Even if the other half of these Yak-18T ended in DOSAAF, independant air clubs and private owners, however, the need for new airframes cheaper than imported machines justified a new production during several years.

Nearly 750 Yak-18T were built mostly for Aeroflot flying school.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Yak-18T.

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