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Yermolayev Yer-2 of the first series seen in Wings of Russia.

The Yermolayev Yer-2 was a Soviet long-range bomber designed from the airliner Stal-7 using mainly its inverted gull wing. Despite promising performances, some engine troubles delayed the trials and when war broke out, the medium bomber was not yet in front line units. But when USSR sent the first bomb raid against Berlin, some Yermolayev Yer-2 flew alongside Petlyakov Pe-8. But the higher-priority Ilyushin Il-2 need more factories and the production was stopped in August 1941 after 128 airframes. When USSR was able to launch successful offensives, production of upgraded Yer-2 (the cockpit has now a side-by-side crew layout and new engines) was resumed but airframes came to front-line units just in time for the very last actions in 1945. The type was phased out at the end of 1940's.

More 350 Yermolayev Yer-2 left the production line.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Yermolayev Yer-2.

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