Chyornyy okean

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Chyornyy okean DVD cover.

Movie (1998)
Russian title: Чёрный океан

Vladimir Konkin
Andrey Rostotskiy
Viktor Pavlov
Igor Ledogorov

Russian and American Navy are working together in a sea rescue operation, trying to prevent a major ecological catastrophe. The disaster may be caused by the nuclear reactor, that was smuggled out of Russia and then dropped into the Pacific Ocean from exploded cargo airplane.

Antonov An-22A

309 Black, c/n 043481250 of the Soviet Air Force. Later registered RA-09309, then RF-09309. Footage looks to be reused from Glukhoman.

Chyok An-22 1.jpg
Chyok An-22 2.jpg
Chyok An-22 3.jpg

Antonov An-72

Chyok Interior 1.jpg
Chyok Interior 2.jpg
Chyok Interior 3.jpg
Chyok Interior 4.jpg

PZL-Okęcie 104 Wilga 35A

Chyok Wilga 0.jpg
Chyok Wilga 1.jpg
Chyok Wilga 2.jpg
Chyok Wilga 3.jpg
Chyok Wilga 4.jpg

Sukhoi Su-15

Underwater wreckage.

Chyok Wreckage 1.jpg
Chyok Wreckage 2.jpg
Chyok Wreckage 3.jpg
Chyok Wreckage 4.jpg

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