Clipped Wings (1937)

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Clipped Wings (1937) movie poster.

Movie (1937)

Lloyd E. Hughes (Jerry Broun aka Captain Jim Lofton)
Rosalind Keith (Molly McGuire)
William Janney (Michael Broun)
Jason Robards Sr. (Raoul McGuire)

(Synopsis needed)

Curtiss JND 4D Jenny

Young Michael "Mickey" Broun (Delmar Watson) is frightened by thunderstorm and Jerry comforts him ... with a Curtiss JN 4D model kit.

ClippedWings 00330.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Flypast of biplanes some with common landing gear alongside some seaplanes (Curtiss SOC Seagull or maybe some Vought O2U and O3U Corsairs ?).

ClippedWings 00820.jpg

Boeing P-12

Note the extra belly tank under fuselage.
ClippedWings 00826.jpg
ClippedWings 00940.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

In 1935/1936, the Boeing P-26 Peashooter reached front line units and so Boeing P-12s were used as advanced trainer. Here a section is flying and evaluated by the Flight Commander using a two-seat unidentified biplane.

ClippedWings 00851.jpg

Waco Custom Cabin

ClippedWings 01905.jpg
ClippedWings 04900.jpg

Fleet Model 1

Reg. NC8610 Fleet Model 1, c/n 22.

ClippedWings 04950.jpg
ClippedWings 05000.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

A derelic airframe with the wing used as a weapons cache.

ClippedWings 05052.jpg

Fleet Model 7

Reg. NC798V Fleet 7 c/n 378.

ClippedWings 05055.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

ClippedWings 05228.jpg
ClippedWings 05328.jpg

Fairchild 24

ClippedWings 05800.jpg

Curtiss B-2 Condor

Curtiss B-2 Condor of 11th Aero Squadron (archive footage as the type served until 1931).

ClippedWings 10020.jpg

Keystone B-6

Keystone B-6 from the 9th Aero Squadron.
A welcome continuity error ...

ClippedWings 10117.jpg

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