Colossus: The Forbin Project

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Colossus: The Forbin Project theatrical movie poster.

Movie (1970)
Eric Braeden (Dr. Charles Forbin)
Susan Clark (Dr. Cleo Markham)
Gordon Pinsent (The President)
William Schallert (CIA Director Grauber)
Leonid Rostoff (Russian Chairman)
Georg Stanford Brown (Dr. John F. Fisher)

A newly-created defense computer, Colossus, becomes sentient and begins attempting to take over the world.

Hughes 269

Seen arriving at the Forbin Project headquarters.


Boeing 707

Dr. Forbin is seen being transported in this jet.


Aérospatiale SA 313/315 Alouette II

This helicopter arrives to pick up Dr. Forbin on Colossus' orders.


Boeing 727

Seen used to transport military leaders while they discuss how to handle Colossus.


Bell 47

Grauber flies to a missile silo in this helicopter. It gets destroyed along with everyone and everything else in the area when Colossus detonates the nuclear missiles without firing them.


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