Danger Flight

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Danger Flight title screen.

Movie (1939)

John Trent (Tommy "Tailspin" Tompkins)
Marjorie Reynolds (Betty Lou)
Milburn Stone (Skeeter)
Jason Robards Sr. (Paul Smith)

(Synopsis needed)

Ryan ST

On the ground left with an unidentified small passenger aircraft.

DangerFlight 00004.jpg

Stinson Model A

Reg. NC15107 Stinson A c/n 9107. Later sold to China where it worn 24245 code.

DangerFlight Stinson-A.jpg
DangerFlight Stinson-A NC-15107.jpg
DangerFlight 00007.jpg
DangerFlight 59mn.jpg

Model Store

Comet Models was a major model design company in the prewar years based in Chicago, Illinois. Their products were balsa flying models and wooden static models. You can see their usual box below (and on the discussion tab).

DangerFlight 00009.jpg

What seems to be a wooden Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress but the type and company are unsure.

Seen at 08:07.

Fairchild 24Cs

Reg. NC14366 Fairchild 24C-8C c/n 2629 seen at takeoff.

DangerFlight NC14366.jpg
DangerFlight 00006.jpg

Reg. NC16350 Fairchild 24C-8E c/n 2811 (some minutes later during the flight in the storm).

Seen at 08:07.

Unidentified Aircraft

DangerFlight 00008.jpg

Ryan ST-A

DangerFlight 00011.jpg
DangerFlight 00010.jpg

Reg. NC16039 Ryan STA c/n 128. Already seen in Test Pilot.

DangerFlight NC16039.jpg

Reg. NC14912 Ryan STA c/n 105.

DangerFlight NC14912.jpg
DangerFlight 00021.jpg

Flying Motor Model

Still to be identified. Play a major role (other models have rubber propulsion).

DangerFlight 00016.jpg
DangerFlight 00017.jpg

Stinson Reliant

DangerFlight 00018.jpg
DangerFlight 00020.jpg

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