Danger Man (1960 TV Series)

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Danger Man (1960-1961) DVD cover.

TV Series (1960-1961)
French title : Destination Danger

Patrick McGoohan (John Drake)
Richard Wattis (Hardy)
Lionel Murton (Colonel Keller)
Michael Ripper (Kane)
Warren Mitchell (Banarji)
Eric Young (Ming)

John Drake was a special operative for NATO, specializing in security assignments against any subversive element that threatened world peace.

Also from this series:

Danger Man (1964)

Season One

Westland Widgeon

The Westland Widgeon (not the aircraft of the 1920's !) was a private venture by Westland Aircraft as an improvement on the Westland WS-51 Dragonfly by increasing the cabin capacity and replacing the Dragonfly's rotor head, blades and gearbox with the units used in the Westland Whirlwind. Only a dozen were built.
Ep. 1.02 Time to Kill.
Landing :

DestinationDanger S01E02 1922.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E02 1926.jpg

Takeoff :

DestinationDanger S01E02 1940.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E02 2430.jpg

Ep. 1.04 The Blue Veil and Ep 1.37 The Nurse.
Reg. G-APTW Westland Widgeon of Executair (a short-lived British company, 1957-1961).
Footage reused at least three times : see IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing).

Ep. 1.04 and Ep 1.37.
Ep. 1.04 and Ep 1.37.

Seen again during the last two minutes ...

Ep. 1.04.

or through a closeup on what is supposed to be a radio broadcasting the death of the king...

Ep 1.37.

Ep. 1.21 The Conspirators.


Boeing 707-321B

Boeing 707 of Pan Am-Pan American World Airways.
Ep. 1.03 Josetta.

DestinationDanger S01E03 0310.jpg

Ep. 1.20 Vacation.

DestinationDanger S01E20 0012.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E20 0212.jpg

Ep. 1.34 The Deputy Coyannis Story.

DestinationDanger S01E34 0325.jpg

Handley Page H.P.67 Hastings

Ep. 1.10 An Affair of State.
A continuity error as this landing Hastings becomes a DC-3 once the engines stopped.

DestinationDanger S01E10 0130.jpg

Douglas DC-3

Ep. 1.10 An Affair of State.

Douglas DC-3.

On the left wing are : E-B but no country has just 'E' as registration prefixe (Sweden is SE and OE for Austria).

Registration is E-B..

Ep. 1.13 The Prisoner.

DestinationDanger S01E13 0800.jpg

Ep. 1.28 Sabotage.

DestinationDanger S01E28 0010.jpg

But the cockpit is an unrealistic set where the copilot exited as if the right wall did not exist !

DestinationDanger S01E28 0020.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 1.10 An Affair of State.

DestinationDanger S01E10 0140.jpg

Vickers Viscount

Ep. 1.15 Colonel Rodriguez.
Reg. G-... with Union Jack on the tail ... Maybe British European Airways ?

DestinationDanger S01E15 2226.jpg

Auster J/1 Autocrat

Ep. 1.16 The Island.


(Background) Various Aircraft

Ep. 1.16 The Island.
This background is enlarged by 350%.
1 : De Havilland DH-89 Dragon Rapide;
2 : two radial engines on an upper wing with tricycle landing gear but still unidentified (Percival Prince ?) ;
3 : Auster J/1 Autocrat or similar (Taylorcraft Auster ... or one of the first Beagle Terrier ?).


Percival Prince

Ep. 1.16 The Island.

DestinationDanger S01E16 0138.jpg

de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk

Ep. 1.16 The Island.

DestinationDanger S01E16 0143.jpg
Top right corner.

Vickers Viking

Ep. 1.17 Find and Return.


Jean-Pierre Blanchard Ballon Dihydrogène

Ep. 1.19 Name, Date and Place.
Top : still unidentified;
bottom : First flight over the Channel on the 7th January 1785, between Dover and Guînes by Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries.


Lockheed Constellation

Ep. 1.28 Sabotage.

DestinationDanger S01E28 0410.jpg

Ep. 1.30 The Leak.

DestinationDanger S01E30.jpg

Models on the Wall

Ep. 1.28 Sabotage.
Director's office with three models pined on the wall.
(top to bottom) De Havilland DH.106 Comet & Lockheed Constellation ? & unidenitified four piston-powered airliner (maybe a Douglas Commercial : DC-4/6/7 ?).

DestinationDanger S01E28 0530.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E28 0545.jpg

Made for Movie Cabin and Cockpit

Ep. 1.28 Sabotage.

DestinationDanger S01E28 2210.jpg

The cockpit is made using some parts from a De Havilland DH106 Comet (central console with engine controls, flywheel) but the position of the flight engineer is missing.

DestinationDanger S01E28 2243.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E28 2503.jpg

Hiller UH-12C

Ep. 1.31 The Trap.
Reg. G-AOZS Hiller UH-12C c/n 848.

DestinationDanger S01E31 1523.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E31 1528.jpg

These first sights frame a continuity error showing the shadow of a Westland Widgeon :

DestinationDanger S01E31 1526.jpg

But quickly the Hiller UH-12C is again full screen...

DestinationDanger S01E31 2248.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E31 2323.jpg

Percival Prentice

Ep. 1.35 Find and Destroy.

DestinationDanger S01E35 0803.jpg
DestinationDanger S01E35 0805.jpg

Season Two and Others

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