De Gasperi, l'uomo della speranza

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De Gasperi, l'uomo della speranza DVD cover.

TV Movie (2005)

Fabrizio Gifuni (Alcide De Gasperi)
Sonia Bergamasco (Francesca Romani)
Stefano Scandaletti (Pietro Romani)
Ana Caterina Morariu (Maria Romana De Gasperi)
Camilla Filippi (Lucia De Gasperi)
Costanza Sebastiani (Paola De Gasperi)

The biography of one of most influential Italian politicians, through the dramatic years of fascism, WWII and country economic and social rebuilding. First victim of political persecution, at end premier during the transition from monarchy to republic, De Gasperi was one of the writers of the Italian Constitution, and a thinker capable to invoke an European union when the ruins of war were still burning.

Douglas DC-3C

Registration HB-ISC, c/n 9995. From Ju-Air in Swissair-Swiss Air Lines livery. “Swiss” has been blanked, leaving “air” typo on the side. Italian flag covering the white cross on the tail fin.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg. HB-ISC Douglas DC-3C of Ju-Air.
Reg. HB-ISC Douglas DC-3C of Ju-Air.
Reg. HB-ISC Douglas DC-3C of Ju-Air.

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