Der Traum von Olympia: Die Nazi-Spiele von 1936

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Der Traum von Olympia: Die Nazi-Spiele von 1936 cover.

Documentary (2016)
French title: Berlin 1936: Dans les coulisses des Jeux Olympiques

Sandra von Ruffin (Gretel Bergmann)
Simon Schwarz (Wolfgang Fürstner)
Gotthard Lange (Wolf-Heinrich von Helldorff)
Theresa Scholze (Leonie Fürstner)
Annina Hellenthal (Elfriede Kaun)
Christian Hockenbrink (Carl Diem)

In August 1936, the world watched as Hitler and the Olympic delegates arrived at the Olympic opening ceremony in Berlin. The Olympic flags hung cheerfully side-by-side banners bearing the Nazi swastika. This film reveals what really went on behind the scenes and investigates the secret negotiations and compromises made to bring the Olympics to Berlin.

Junker Ju 52/3m

Registration D-AGIQ, c/n 5272. Delivered to Deutsche Luft Hansa in 1935. Transferred to Lufthansa Perú in 1940, registered OA-HHC and named Huandoy. Confiscated by Peruvian Government in 1941.
Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof.

Reg.D-AGIQ Junker Ju 52/3m Martin Zander of Deutsche Luft Hansa.

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