Devil Dogs of the Air

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Devil Dogs of the Air movie poster.

Movie (1934)
Also known as : Flying Marines
French title : Le bousilleur

James Cagney (Thomas Jefferson "Tommy" O'Toole)
Pat O'Brien (Lieut. William R. "Bill" Brannigan)
Margaret Lindsay (Betty Roberts)
Frank McHugh ("Crash" Kelly)

Tommy, the "World's Greatest Aviator", enlisted in the Marines. Learning (!) to fly annoys him but what he wouldn't do for the love of the beautiful Betty ? But Betty is in love with his instructor ...

Note : the star duo of Here Comes the Navy is coming back !

Loening OL-8

Or Loening OL-9 ? (only with some equipment changes).

DDotA 00154.jpg
DDotA 00158.jpg
DDotA 00223.jpg
DDotA 00240.jpg

Boeing F4B

Boeing F4Bs flying in formation above the clouds. Note the flare shield mounted on underside on lower wingtip.

DDotA 00006.jpg
Line-up in front of the Tower (Airway beacon) in the distance, Marines Air Station of San Diego.
The flare shield is more visible under the wingting.
DDotA 2016-03-01-01h04m11s372.jpg

Travel Air D4000

Reg. NC406N Travelair D4000 Speedwing c/n 1337.
Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

DDotA 00708.jpg
DDotA 00800.jpg
DDotA 01220 NC406N.jpg

Ford Trimotor RR-3

Ford Trimotor RR-3 was the name of the Marines variant of the civil AT-5-C (was JR-3 before 1931).

Foreground (nose engine only).
DDotA 00805.jpg

Now with the engine cowlings :

DDotA 03015.jpg

Curtiss O2C-1 Helldiver

Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

DDotA 00004.jpg

Vought O2U-1 Corsair

DDotA 02720.jpg
DDotA 02850.jpg
DDotA 03345.jpg
Starting the engine with a crank to activate the inertia starter.

Curtiss OC-2 Falcon

Wearing the Ace of Spades squadron insignia of VO-8M.

DDotA 05050.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

DDotA 02935.jpg

Half an hour later, when Tommy follows the training curriculum: morse code, flying in formation, mechanics...

DDotA 10024.jpg

... covering a wing...

DDotA 10036.jpg

The stern of USS Saratoga (CV-3) with a Loening OL-8 (or -9) near the upright gun turret. Those on the bow are unidentified.

DDotA 10520 Saratoga.jpg
DDotA 10540 Saratoga.jpg

Curtiss O2C-1 & Great Lakes TG-2

Three Curtiss O2C-1s in the foreground of a row of Great Lakes TG-2s.
The Curtiss O2C-1 was the former F8C-1 Falcon itself a USN/USMC version of Army A-4 Falcon.

DDotA 10440.jpg

Great Lakes TG-2

DDotA 10825.jpg

Vought O3U-2

DDotA 10850.jpg
DDotA 10938.jpg

Goodyear-Zeppelin ZRS-5 USS Macon

The USS Macon seen launching a Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk.

DDotA 11008.jpg
DDotA 11009.jpg

Keystone B/LB Bomber

Not Marines but U.S. Army aircraft.
Too far to identify precisely the variant.
Nearly two dozens seen in formation flight so close to the full production of one the -3 or -4 or -5 variant or half pf all B-6s airframe.

DDotA 11010.jpg

Curtiss-Wright 16K

803 in hazardous action.

DDotA 00005.jpg
DDotA 2016-03-01-01h04m26s147.jpg

Stearman C3B

803 is now acted by a different aircraft.

DDotA 2016-03-01-01h06m04s282.jpg
DDotA 2016-03-01-01h06m24s620.jpg

Curtiss RC-1

Curtiss RC-1 (#8846) was a unique Curtiss-Robertson D-2 Kingbird bought by the Marines to be used mainly as aerial ambulance. Eighteen other aiframes were built.

DDotA 12327.jpg
DDotA 12329.jpg

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