Die Csardasfürstin

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Die Csardasfürstin movie poster.

Movie (1951)
English title: The Csardas Princess

Marika Rökk (Sylva Varescu)
Johannes Heesters (Edwin von Weylersheim)
Hubert Marischka (Feri von Kerekes)
Walter Müller (Boni Kancsianu)
Jeanette Schultze (Stasi Planitz)
Margarete Slezak (Mathilde von Weylersheim))

Famous star Sylva Varescu turns her adorers heads in great numbers, leaving them behind with broken hearts. But when she falls for Edwin von Weylersheim and he for her, his family objects because they want him to marry another woman. So Sylva has to fight for him.

Douglas DC-6

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