Emergency Landing (1941)

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Robot Pilot DVD cover.

Movie (1941)
Also known as: Robot Pilot

Forrest Tucker (Jerry Barton)
Carol Hughes (Betty Lambert)
Emmett Vogan ('Doc' Williams)
Carol Hughes (Betty Lambert)


Lockheed 18 Lodestar

Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar (c/n 18-2068), Reg. NC34900.

Reg. NC34900 Lockheed 18 Lodestar of Superior Oil Co.

Taking off in front of Lockheed 18 (c/n 18-2023, NC25633).

Reg. NC25633 Lockheed 18 Lodestar City of Alemada of United Air Lines.

Douglas DC-3

RobotPilot DC-3 00h43m53.png

Lincoln-Page LP 3

Lincoln-Page LP 3 (c/n 259), Reg. NC136W.

Lincoln-Page LP 3 (c/n 259, NC136W).
Lincoln-Page LP 3 (c/n 259, NC136W).
Lincoln-Page LP 3 (c/n 259, NC136W).

Lockheed Vega 2

RobotPilot Lockheed-Vega2D 00h16m39.png

Pasped Skylark W1

RobotPilot Pasped-Skylark-W1 00h0m50.png
RobotPilot Pasped Skylark W1-00h03m06.png
RobotPilot Pasped Skylark W1-00h14m34.png
RobotPilot Pasped Skylark W1-00h15m08.png

Ryan ST

RobotPilot Ryan-ST-00h17m18.png

Stinson 10 Voyager

Stinson 10 Voyager Reg. NC26243.
Stinson 10 Voyager Reg. NC26243.

Waco YKS

RobotPilot WacoYKS-00h02m11.png

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