F.P.1 antwortet nicht

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Poster for F.P.1 antwortet nicht.

Movie (1932)
English title : F.P.1 Fails to Reply (UK) / F.P.1 Doesn't Answer (USA)

Hans Albers (Flieger Ellissen)
Sybille Schmitz (Claire Lennartz)
Paul Hartmann (Kapitänleutnant Droste)
Peter Lorre (Bildreporter Johnny)

A noted airman named Ellissen persuades a company to build "F.P.1" - a floating platform which enables long distance cross continental flight (at this time such flight was in the realm of fiction) - which his friend developed. Ellissen then proceeds to continue his air-going adventures and when he returns he finds his girlfriend has started a relationship with his friend and that saboteurs have attacked F.P.1.

Heinkel HD 22

F.P.1 1 Plane 2.jpg
F.P.1 1 Plane 1.jpg
F.P.1 1 Plane 3.jpg
F.P.1 1 Plane 4.jpg

Junkers W 33 f

Reg. D-1957 Junkers W 33 f c/n 2578.

Reg. D-1957 Junkers W 33 f.
F.P.1 2 Plane 1.jpg
Reg. D-1957 Junkers W 33 f.
F.P.1 2 Plane 4.jpg

Junkers G 38

Deutsche Luft Hansa.

F.P.1 3 Plane 1.jpg
F.P.1 3 Plane 2.jpg

Dornier Do X

Deutsche Luft Hansa.

F.P.1 Flying Boat 2.jpg
F.P.1 Flying Boat.jpg

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