Fail Safe (1964)

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Fail Safe (1964) movie poster.

Movie (1964)
French title : Point limite

Dan O'Herlihy (Brigadier General Warren A. "Blackie" Black)
Walter Matthau (Professor Groeteschele)
Frank Overton (General Bogan)
Ed Binns (Colonel Jack Grady)

An accidental thermonuclear first-strike attack by a group of United States Vindicator bombers is launched. A commercial aircraft with radio failure is mistaken for a UFO and the alert turned red. When the airplane is identified, another error occured ...

Hung Toys

FS64 model.png

Mooney M20E Super 21

At left, probably a Convair C-131 Samaritan. At right two unidentified tails, one printed by registration N785CP (or N765CP ?).

FS64 N785CP.png

Convair B-58 Hustler

Named Vindicator bombers by the headquaters.

FS64 B-58.png
FS64 B-58TO.png

Later seen as a negative shot. First, the second prototype s/n 50661.

Convair YB-58A-1-CF Hustler, s/n 55-0661

Then a craft in the colors of the USAF.

FS64 B-58invert2.png

North American F-100F Super Sabre

Shown as a negative picture.

FS64 F-100invert.png
FS64 F-100-missInvert.png

Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

The crew of a Convair B-58 was seated in tandem in three different cockpits. But the movie show them in a single one like in a Stratofortress.

FS64 B-52.png

Convair F-102 Delta Dagger

FS64 F-102.png

If the following Delta is not a F-102, it's a F-106 !

FS64 delta.png

Convair F-106 Delta Dart

FS64 F-106.png

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

Another aircraft display through a negative process.

FS64 F-101-missInvert.png

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

FS64 F-104invert.png

Unidentified Aircraft

Perhaps Sparrow I's during tests on a Douglas F3D Skyknight in the early 1950s ?
Another use of test firing footage seen (inverted) in The Lost Missile ?

FS64 guess.png

North American X-15A

Another shot used flipped.

FS64 X-15.png

Grumman F-9J Cougar

Designation from 1962 of the F9F-8. Negative and inverted shot.

FS64 F9F-8aliasF-9J.png

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