Fata Morgana (1971)

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Fata Morgana (1971) DVD cover.

Movie (1971)

People as themselves (Inhabitants, Scientists, ...)
Lotte H. Eisner (narration)


Boeing 737

FataMorgana71 00017.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-9


Boeing 727

FataMorgana71 00137.jpg
FataMorgana71 00240.jpg
FataMorgana71 00330.jpg

Boeing 707

The fourth to land...

Douglas C-54A-1-DO Skymaster

Possibly the Douglas DC-4 (built in 1943 as a Douglas C-54 Skymaster c/n 7451, s/n 107432) reg. F-BELK by Air France which crashed near In Salah Airport (INZ) during a sand storm on Sunday 20 April 1958. No fatalities despites front landing gear and two inner engines torn off. Before Air France, used by American Airlines as N90410 until 1949.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

FataMorgana71 01352.jpg
FataMorgana71 01355.jpg

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