Fei zhou he shang

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Fei zhou he shang movie poster.

Movie (1991)
Chinese title : 非洲和尚
French title : Les dieux sont tombés sur la tête 3
Also known as :

  • Crazy Safari
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy III

N!xau (N!xau)
Lam Ching Ying (Master HiSing / Wise One)
Sam Christopher Chow (Leo / Sam)
Chan Lung (The Vampire / Ancestor)

Two guys, one of them a magician, are transporting an ancient Chinese vampire who can only be controlled by a series of yellow tapes, and is the ancestor of the other guy. On the way, while flying over Africa, their plane stalls. And of all places, where do they land? That's right, in the village of the tribe of "The Gods Must Be Crazy".

Also from this series:

The Gods Must Be Crazy
The Gods Must Be Crazy II
Heung Gong wun fung kwong (aka : The Gods Must Be Crazy IV)

Basler BT-67

Reg. ZS-LJI former Douglas C-47B-45-DK c/n 16965/34225.

Godsmustbecrazy3 Basler.jpg
Godsmustbecrazy3 ZS-LJI.jpg

Bell 206B-3 Jet Ranger

Reg. ZS-HRZ, c/n 4119, built in 1990, crashed 27 May 2012.


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