Fight Club

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Fight Club Poster

Movie (1999)

Edward Norton (The Narrator)
Brad Pitt (Tyler Durden)
Helena Bonham Carter (Marla Singer)
Meat Loaf (Robert 'Bob' Paulson)
Jared Leto (Angel Face)

"The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!"

The planes below appear during the montage where the Narrator travels around the country looking for Tyler.

Boeing 727

Boeing 727
Boeing 727.

Airbus A320

First one is either an A320 or A319 of US Airways.

US Airways A319/A320.
Fight Club Plane6.jpg

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

MD-11 of American Airlines

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 of American Airlines.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 of American Airlines. Boeing 757 on the right.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 of the former Northwest Airlines.

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400.
Boeing 747-400.
Boeing 747.

Maybe same screenshot than in Point Break.

Boeing 747.
Boeing 747-400.

Airbus A340-211

On the left, with the AOM's logo on the tail.

Airbus A340-211 of AOM French Airlines.

Boeing 737-200

Fight Club Plane8.jpg

McDonnell Douglas MD-80

McDonnell Douglas MD-80.
Fight Club Plane9.jpg

Boeing 737 'Classic'

Fight Club Plane11.jpg
Fight Club Plane12.jpg
Fight Club Plane13.jpg
This shot is used when the Narrator returns home after searching for Tyler.

Boeing 757-223

Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines.
Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines.
Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines.

Boeing 767-375(ER)

Registration CC-CRG, c/n 25865/430 built in 1992.

Reg. CC-CRG Boeing 767-375(ER) of LAN Chile.

Boeing 757-222

Boeing 757-222 of United Airlines.

Unidentified Aircraft

The Narrator dreams about this small jet colliding with the plane he's in (probably CGI).

Fight Club Private Jet1.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

The plane the narrator is travelling in when he dreams of a mid-air collision and wakes up to meet Tyler Durden for the first time. Presumably filmed in a plane interior set with CGI used for the collision scene.

Fight Club Plane crash1.jpg
Fight Club Plane crash2.jpg
Fight Club Plane crash3.jpg

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