Freedom Wings

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Freedom Wings cover art.

Video Game (2006)
Japanese title: オレのせんとうき (Ore no Sentouki)

(Synopsis needed)

Note: This is a Video Game. Aircraft portrayed in this production may not be entirely accurate or represent an actual aircraft, however, where a reasonable depiction of an actual aircraft has been created, it has been identified as best as possible.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190

(missing picture)

Grumman F4F Wildcat

F4F in Pirate markings.

Pirate F4F.jpg

Grumman TBF Avenger

(missing picture)

Hawker Hurricane

Hurricane used by Sebastian Butler of the APA for player's initial training.

Freedom Wings APA Hurricane.jpg

Heinkel He 162

(missing picture)

Junkers Ju 52/3m

Civil marked Ju 52.

Freedom Wings Civil Ju 52.jpg

Kyushu J7W Shinden

(missing picture)

Macchi C.205

(missing picture)

Messerschmitt Bf 109

(missing picture)

Nakajima Ki-43

Pirate Ki 43.jpg

Polikarpov I-16

(missing picture)

Ryan FR-1 Fireball

(missing picture)

Vought F4U Corsair

(missing picture)

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