Fuelin' Around

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Fuelin' Around screen title.

Short film (1949)

Moe Howard (Moe)
Larry Fine (Larry)
Shemp Howard (Shemp)
Christine McIntyre (Hazel Sneed)
Emil Sitka (Professor Sneed)
Vernon Dent (General)

The stooges are carpet layers working in the home of a scientist, Professor Sneed, who has invented a super rocket fuel. Larry is mistaken for the professor by foreign agents who kidnap the trio and take them to the country of Anemia where they are ordered to produce the rocket fuel or be executed. The boys come up with a concoction they try to pass of as the real stuff, but are exposed when the real professor and his daughter are also kidnapped. The stooges help them escape, using their secret formula to fuel a jeep.

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Short S.23 Empire of the RAF.

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