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Getúlio poster.

TV Movie (2014)

Tony Ramos (Getúlio Vargas)
Drica Moraes (Alzira Vargas)
Alexandre Borges (Carlos Lacerda)
Leonardo Medeiros (General Caiado)

The movie depicts the political crisis that led to the suicide of president Getúlio Vargas, in the 19 days that preceded August 24, 1954. The crisis began with the attempted assassination of journalist and politician Carlos Lacerda (Alexandre Borges) in August 5, 1954, at rua Toneleros, Rio de Janeiro, in which Major Vaz was assassinated instead. Investigations pointed to Gregório Fortunato (Thiago Justino), chief of Vargas' personal guard, as the orderer of the frustrated assassination. This incident was one of the most importants in the history of Brazil.

Douglas C-47A-85-DL Skytrain

On display at the Museu Aeroespacial at Afonsos Air Force Base in Brazil. Despite the "FAB2018" serial and Força Aérea Brasileira paint, this is in fact an ex-Fuerza Aerea Argentina aircraft, last registration TC-91, c/n 19961. Donated to the museum in 1992 and repainted to represent this Brazilian aircraft. Note the the real FAB2018 (c/n 15477/26922) moved on to the Fuerza Aerea Paraguaya.
Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).


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