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Gog poster.

Movie (1954)

Richard Egan (David Sheppard)
Constance Dowling (Joanna Merritt)
Herbert Marshall (Dr. Van Ness)
John Wengraf (Dr. Zeitman)

A security agent investigates sabotage and murder at a secret underground laboratory, home of two experimental robots.

McCulloch MC-4C

Reg. N4071K McCulloch Motors Corp. MC-4C (given to be built in 1957 !).

Gog Heli 1.jpg
Gog N4071K-IPanel.JPG
Gog N4071K.JPG
Gog Heli 2.jpg
Gog N4071Kc.JPG

Fictional Aircraft

Scientific error : according the screenplay, this unmanned aircraft is undetected by radar due to fiberglass skin ... and so overflying and beaming the research center.


Lockheed F-94C Starfire


Lockheed F-94C-1-LO Starfire serial 50-956 c/n 880-8001 assigned to NACA Ames Aeronautical Laboratory until November 1958.

Gog SF0956.JPG

North American F-86F Sabre

North American F-86F Sabre with 435th Fighter-Bomber Squadron emblem probably shot at their home base of George Air Force Base, California. As there is no F-100 visible, the filming was in 1953 or at the very beginning of 1954.

Gog F-86-Sq.JPG

Several airframe identified :
North American F-86F-30-NA Sabre s/n 52-4950
North American F-86F-25-NH Sabre s/n 51-13223 & 51-13225

Gog F-86-24950.JPG

North American F-86F-25-NH Sabre s/n 51-13384 (was later transferred to Republic of China AF, then to South Korean AF) :

Gog F-86-Serial.JPG

Buzz number FU-947 is another North American F-86F-30-NA :

Gog F-86-24947.JPG

North American F-86F-25-NH Sabre s/n 51-13260 (transferred to South Korean AF in 1955/56) and s/n 51-13384 (later transferred to Republic of China AF, then to South Korean AF) with Sabre F-86F-30-NA buzz number FU-947 s/n 52-4947 already taxiing :

Gog F-86-24960.JPG

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