Hard Ticket to Hawaii

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Hard Ticket to Hawaii opening title.

Movie (1987)

Ronn Moss (Rowdy Abilene)
Dona Speir (Donna Hamilton)
Hope Marie Carlton (Taryn)
Harold Diamond (Jade)
Rodrigo Obregon (Seth Romero)
Cynthia Brimhall (Edy Stark)

Government agents battle an evil drug lord.

Cessna 172P Skyhawk

Registration N99786, serial 17276511.
Also used in other Andy Sidaris productions. See IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

HT2H 172P.jpg
HT2H 172P 2.jpg
HT2H 172P 3.jpg
HT2H 172P 4.jpg

Bell 206B JetRanger III

Registration N678LD; Serial Number 3171.

HT2H JetRanger.jpg
HT2H JetRanger 2.jpg

Unidentified Ultralight

HT2H UL.jpg
HT2H UL 2.jpg
HT2H UL 3.jpg

Cessna 402B Utililiner

HT2H Reeve.jpg

Beechcraft Model 18

HT2H BK.jpg

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