Here Comes Mr. Jordan

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Here Comes Mr. Jordan movie poster.

Movie (1941)
French title : Le défunt récalcitrant

Robert Montgomery (Joe Pendleton)
Evelyn Keyes (Bette Logan)
Claude Rains (Mr. Jordan)
Rita Johnson (Julia Farnsworth)

(Synopsis needed)

Unidentified Aircraft

First aircraft seen ...

HereComesMrJordan PendletonAircraft.jpg

... is different despite Joe Pendleton is still performing the same flight.

HereComesMrJordan PendletonAircraft2.jpg
HereComesMrJordan PendletonAircraft3.jpg
HereComesMrJordan PendletonAircraft4.jpg
HereComesMrJordan Pendletoncockpit.jpg

Paradise Aircraft

HereComesMrJordan plane1.jpg
HereComesMrJordan plane2.jpg
HereComesMrJordan plane3.jpg
HereComesMrJordan plane4.jpg

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