House Party 3

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House Party 3 movie poster.

Movie (1994)

Christopher Reid (Christopher Robinson, Jr. (a.k.a. Kid))
Christopher Martin (Peter Martin (a.k.a. Play))
Tisha Campbell (Sydney)
Chris Tucker (Johnny Booze)

(Synopsis needed)

Various Airliner

Shot at Los Angeles International Airport.
An old Boeing 737 of Southwest Airlines is surrounded by three airliners wearing the colors of USAir : a Boeing 737 Classic view from the rear and a Boeing 757 (far right). A third one is towed behind the Southwest plane.
A fourth USAir is landing (outlined in green).
A Boeing 727 of Delta Air Lines is highlighted by a white line.
Far away and hidden by the pole, another aircraft of US Airways Express : a Beechcraft 1900.

HouseParty3 airport.jpg

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