House of Secrets

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House of Secrets poster.

Movie (1956)

Michael Craig (Larry Ellis / Steve Chancellor)
Anton Diffring (Anton Lauderbach)
Gérard Oury (Julius Pindar)
Brenda De Banzie (Madame Isabella Ballu)

Due to his physical resemblance to criminal Steve Chancellor, seaman Larry Ellis is recruited by law enforcement to pose as Chancellor and infiltrate an organized crime ring in France.
Airport scenes filmed at Paris-Orly Airport.

Vickers 708 Viscount

Vickers 708 Viscount of Air France.
Vickers 708 Viscount of Air France.

Registration F-BGNT, c/n 37 built in 1954.

Reg. F-BGNT Vickers 708 Viscount of Air France.

Registration F-BGNV, c/n 39 built in 1954. Aircraft later passed to Air Inter and crashed on 12 August 1963 during severe weather, killing all but one of the occupants and one person on the ground.
Same aircraft seen in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

Reg. F-BGNV Vickers 708 Viscount of Air France.

Lockheed Constellation

Seen in the distance, beyond the Orly sign.

Onlineimageresize com screenshot20180928at014255.jpg

Douglas DC-4

Not sure about the the airline, livery seems similar to KLM's but doesn't match exactly.

Onlineimageresize com screenshot20180928at020655.jpg

Douglas DC-7B

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation of TCA-Trans-Canada Air Lines.

Douglas DC-3

Onlineimageresize com screenshot20180928at023640.jpg
Onlineimageresize com screenshot20180928at023659.jpg

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