Hurra, die Schule brennt

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Hurra, die Schule brennt poster.

Movie (1969)
English title: Hurrah, the School Is Burning

Hansi Kraus (Pepe Nietnagel)
Peter Alexander (Dr. Peter Bach)
Heintje Simons (Jan)
Theo Lingen (Oberstudiendirektor Dr. Taft)

(Synopsis needed)

Let L-13 Blaník

Probably D-9360 or D-9380.

HDSB L-13 1.jpg
HDSB L-13 D-9360.jpg
HDSB L-13 2.jpg

Alas ! During aerobatics, no registration on the extrados is visible as usual with german gliders.

HDSB L-13 aerobatics.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Another glider with a V-tail is hanged in the hangar; perhaps a Schempp-Hirth SHK or Schempp-Hirth Standard Austria ?

HDSB V-tail.jpg

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