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So you've created a page, but you now want to add extra bits to it such as page links. Here's how!

Page Links

Some aircraft models have their own pages which give a bit of information on the aircraft and a list of films that they feature in. These pages are called categories. If one of the aircraft you've identified has a category then you can link it from the film page to the category page as follows:

  • Check if your aircraft has a category. This page shows a list of aircraft (ignore the red links) which have their own category and can be linked to. If you're aircraft is here, make a note of the category page name. If it isn't, then you'll need to create a category. Only link the title if the aircraft has a category!
  • In the edit box of your page go to line of code surrounded by '==' marks, for that aircraft. Replace the name of your aircraft with the following, filling in the necessary sections:
    [[:Category:(Category page name)|(Aircraft name)]]
  • Now go to the very bottom of the page and add to the category by typing the following, leaving one line after the external links:
    [[Category:(Category page name)]]
  • Click 'Show preview' to check it has worked. If the link is in red then the 'Category page name' is wrong. Likewise if the Category link at the bottom is red as well.
  • You can do this for any aircraft which have categories, just remember to add the category link at the bottom.
  • The 'Aircraft name' doesn't have to be the same as the 'Category page name', and should where possible identify a specific model of aircraft.

Note: The categories refer to overall models of aircraft, not specific variants. As long as the aircraft your linking is a version of that model it can be linked to that category. In some cases, a specific variant of an aircraft e.g. a military variant (Sikorsky S-70,Sikorsky UH-60), may have it's own category and so where necessary should be linked to that category.

Film Series

If the film you've added is part of a series (i.e. two or more films), then you can add links to the other films in the series. For example, the Jason Bourne films. Just add the following text after the synopsis (leave one line):

[[(Film in series)]]<br>

If the film is part of the James Bond series, then the following text should be used:

[[Category:James Bond films]][[:Category:James Bond films|James Bond films]]<br>


Redirects are used to direct a user to a specified page, most often through a search term. For Movie/TV pages it can be used in cases where a production may be known by something else, for example if it has a particularly long name or is known as something else in other parts of the world.

For example: On the Movie/TV List you will find Live Free or Die Hard, the 4th film of the Die Hard series. However, outside of the USA it is mostly known as 'Die Hard 4.0'. If you click on a link Die Hard 4.0 you will notice you end up at 'Live Free or Die Hard' - you have been automatically redirected. This is shown on the page above the first line of text by '(Redirected from Die Hard 4.0)'. The same thing will happen if you search for 'Die Hard 4'.

To redirect a page:

  • Type the search term into the search box e.g. 'Die Hard 4'.
  • Click create this page.
  • Copy the following HTML text into the edit box, replacing the (bracketed) text with relevant text:
#REDIRECT [[(Page you are redirecting to e.g. 'Live Free of Die Hard')]]
  • IMDB has a section for alternate names of productions.

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