I Never Sang for My Father

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I Never Sang for My Father movie poster.

Movie (1970)

Melvyn Douglas (Tom Garrison)
Gene Hackman (Gene Garrison)
Dorothy Stickney (Margaret Garrison)
Estelle Parsons (Alice)
Elizabeth Hubbard (Dr. Margaret 'Peggy' Thayer)
Lovelady Powell (Norma)

Hackman plays a New York professor who wants a change in his life, and plans to get married to his girlfriend and move to California. His mother understands his need to get away, but warns him that moving so far away could be hard on his father. Just before the wedding, the mother dies. Hackman's sister (who has been disowned by their father for marrying a Jewish man) advises him to live his own life, and not let himself be controlled by their father.

Boeing 707-331

Boeing 707-331 of TWA-Trans World Airlines.

Boeing 727-295 & Boeing 707-321B

In the background is a Boeing 707-321B, registration N894PA, c/n 20031/792).

Boeing 727-295 of Northeast Airlines and Boeing 707-321B of Pan Am-Pan American World Airways.

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