Ice Station Zebra

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Poster for Ice Station Zebra.

Movie (1968)
French title : Destination Zebra, station polaire

Rock Hudson (Commander James Ferraday)
Ernest Borgnine (Boris Vaslov)
Patrick McGoohan (David Jones)
Jim Brown (Capt. Leslie Anders)
Tony Bill (Lt. Russell Walker)
Lloyd Nolan (Adm. Garvey)

Commander Ferraday and the crew of the US submarine Tigerfish are assigned to ferry British agent David Jones to the North Pole to rescue the staff of Ice Station Zebra, a deep-arctic weather outpost. But there is a saboteur aboard, and Ferraday suspects Jones isn't telling him everything about exactly what awaits them at Ice Station Zebra.

Learjet 24

Jones arrives in Scotland aboard this jet.

Ice station1.jpg
Ice station2.jpg
Ice station3.jpg

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter

Seen at the airport as Jones is driven away.

Ice station4.jpg

Kaman SH-2 Seasprite

US Navy helicopter which flies Boris Vaslov and Captain Anders out to the Tigerfish.
These footage will be used again in one television movie forerunner of the TV Series The Six Million Dollar Man : The Moon and the Desert.

Ice station5.jpg
Ice station7.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 F-13

Russian fighter jets which precede the troop transport planes. They appear to be models.

Ice station12.jpg

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

Other Russian fighter jets figured by USAF aircraft.

Ice station13.jpg
Ice station16.jpg

Made for Movie Transport Aircraft

Russian troop transport planes which fly the Soviet paratroopers led by Colonel Ostrovsky into the arctic. Like the MiGs, they're models.

Ice station15.jpg

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