Inga Lindström - Feuer und Glas

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Inga Lindström - Feuer und Glas title card.

TV Movie (2020)

Julia Dietze (Sara Forsberg)
Michael Raphael Klein (Stellan Vikander)
Sabine Bach (Lilian Vikander)
Jean-Yves Berteloot (Jean Vikander)

Ten years ago, Alexander Vikander died in a tragic accident, leaving his son Fynn to be raised alone by mother Sara Forsberg, an innovative glass blowing artist who runs a small firm in Stockholm, which goes bust with her sole major client's bankruptcy. Without disclosing her identity, as Alex started a double life with her unknown to his family, she accepts an offer from Alex's father Jean Vikander, whose traditional, nationally leading glass manufacture needs a new designer and some originality. While Fynn grows on his unsuspecting paternal kin, Sara keeps the secret even for Jean's warmly welcoming wife Lilian and falls for charismatic, even less conventional heir Stellan Vikander, but the truth catches up, as with the outdated manufacture and Jean's crippling conservatism.

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