Khronika pikiruyushchego bombardirovshchika

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Khronika pikiruyushchego bombardirovshchika movie poster.

Movie (1967)
Russian title : Хроника пикирующего бомбардировщика

Leo Weinstein (Benjamin Gurevich, navigator)
Alexander Grave (Ivan, the regimental commander)
Oleg Dal (Eugene Sobolewski, gunner)
Igor Efimov (political officer of the regiment)

(Synopsis needed :)

Unidentified Yakovlev Fighter

A single engine fighter at the break.

KhronikaPB Yak.jpg

Petlyakov Pe-2

Star of the movie but with no more airframe flyable at the time, the director used lots of tips to achieve pretty good illusion. On the ground, most of the shots use real Petlyakov Pe-2.
But first, some archive footage.

KhronikaPB Pe-2 war.jpg

Engine's housing are not really convincing. Uncomplete airframe quickly rebuilt ?

KhronikaPB Pe-2 false.jpg

Note the difference on the oil cooler intake.

KhronikaPB Pe-2.jpg
KhronikaPB access-hatch.jpg

A radio command model.

KhronikaPB Pe-2 RC.jpg

Tupolev ANT-20bis

Also known as Tupolev PS-124.

Tupolev ANT-20bis of Aeroflot.

Tupolev Tu-2S

M-82FN (Shvetsov ASh-82FN) engine of a Tupolev Tu-2S seen starting.

KhronikaPB Tu-2S.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-18U

Acting as Focke-Wulf Fw 190 of the Luftwaffe...

KhronikaPB 13 18U.jpg
KhronikaPB 16 18U.jpg

... but such mouth paint makes think to the La-5 of Soviet pilot Kostylev (Leningrad front on 1943) ! Pik As emblem was really the logo of German JG 53 (but usually it was black on a white square outlined with black).

KhronikaPB 24 Yak-18U.jpg

Let L-200 Morava

Interesting use of this twin engine twin tail touring aircraft to act as the flying Petlyakov. Windscreen just lacks of some frame due to the panoramic glass of this civil aircraft.

KhronikaPB L-200 front.jpg
KhronikaPB L-200 tail.jpg

Antonov An-2

How surprising to see this large single engine (note the square wingtips) acting the Polikarpov U-2 (curved wingtips) mail plane ! In 1967, lots of Polikarpov U-2/Po-2 were still flyable, isn't it ?

KhronikaPB An-2.jpg

Zlin Z-526

Still with its DOSAAF markings, isn't it ?
Acting a Messerschmitt Bf 109 ?

KhronikaPB Zlin-526.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190F/G

Some archive footage seen during the last fight.
Note the full bomb load; the F and G variants were dedicated to ground attack but kept most their fighter ability ... with a clean profile (i.e. bombs away).

KhronikaPB Fw190F.jpg
KhronikaPB Fw190G.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190s ?

Full mock-up or old airframes highly modified ?

KhronikaPB goal.jpg

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