Knight and Day

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Theatrical poster for Knight and Day.

Movie (2010)

Tom Cruise (Roy Miller)
Cameron Diaz (June Havens)
Peter Sarsgaard (Fitzgerald)
Jordi Molla (Antonio)
Viola Davis (Isabel George)
Paul Dano (Simon Feck)

Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) is a spy on the run from both his own people and the criminals who desire a life-changing technology. Whilst trying to protect his asset, Miller involves Haven (Diaz) in the ensuing battle and must try to protect her, his asset, the technology and clear his own name.

Boeing 727

Roy ends up crash landing this 727 after killing everone else on the plane, including the pilots.

K&D727 2.jpg
K&D727 3.jpg
K&D727 4.jpg
K&D727 5.jpg
K&D727 6.jpg

Airbus A320


Eurocopter AS350 AStar

News helicopter covering the downtown gunfight between Miller and the Government Agents after him.


Bell 205

Only glimpses of this cockpit are seen as Miller and Haven battle to evade the Government.

Bell 205.


This fictional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle attempts to take out Miller and Haven after she unwittingly discloses their location.

K&DCGI 2.jpg
K&DCGI 3.jpg

Sikorsky S-300

Used to escape Miller's island 'safehouse'.

Sikorsky S-300.

Eurocopter EC135

K&DEC135 2.jpg



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