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L'as des as movie poster.

Movie (1982)
English title : Ace of Aces

Jean-Paul Belmondo (Jo Cavalier)
Marie-France Pisier (Gaby Delcourt)
Rachid Ferrache (Simon Rosenblum)
Frank Hoffmann (Gunther von Beckman)
Günter Meisner (Adolf Hitler / Angela Hitler)

In this action comedy the French boxer Jo Cavalier is charmed on the train to Berlin for the Olympics.

Stampe SV4 (modified) acting as Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A

Replica built from a Stampe SV4, in an unbelievable “Armée de L’Air” livery as French Air Force never operated this plane. Used by ace of aces Jo Cavalier (J.P. Belmondo), in air-fights with the Fokkers. The scoreboard is another crazy idea : during World War One, such count was never applied on aircraft but sometimes on a wooden stick.
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Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A.
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A.
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A.
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A.
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A.

Fokker Dr.I

Replica. Most of the dogfight is filmed using F-AZAQ

Fokker Dr.I.
Fokker Dr.I.
Reg. F-AZAQ replica of a Fokker Dr.I.
Fokker Dr.I.

Not the Fokker-Platz V17e but what remains of the Fokker Dr.I once the dogfight ended. (replica built from a Stampe SV-4).


When action is set twenty years later in a restaurant, a paint on the wall features the two aircraft (R.A.F. S.E.5A and Fokker Dr.I) at the first stage of this dogfight.

AsDesAs resto.jpg

Junkers Ju 52/3m

On this advertising for the Deutsche Lufhansa printed for the 1936 Olympics. On the original wallpaper, the Junkers Ju 52/3m has D-DLAG as registration.

AsDesAs Ju-52.jpg

Pilatus P-2-05

In the foreground is a CASA 1.131, but in the background is a swiss Pilatus P-2-05.

Pilatus P-2-05.

Morane-Saulnier MS.138-Ep2

Morane-Saulnier MS.138-Ep-2, registration: F-AZAJ seen here with D-AZAJ.
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AsDesAs MS-138.jpg
AsDesAs MS-138 AZAJ.jpg

CASA 1.131E Jungmann

Reg. (F-)AZBZ CASA 1.131E Jungmann c/n 2150 used in France at Cerny Aérodrome de La Ferté-Alais (LFFQ) despite action is set near Berlin. With E3B549 over the upper right wing. Still wearing the same code, colors and markings decades later (at least in 2017).

AsDesAs AZBZ-14.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS-505 Criquet & Boeing-Stearman 75 PT-13D

Reg. F-BAUV (wearing D-BAUV during the filming but invisible on the screen), Morane-Saulnier MS-505 Criquet c/n 73 built in 1946, French variant of the Fieseler Fi-156 Storch.
Launched as Stearman Aircraft company in the early 30’s, then Boeing Stearman since 1934 when the company merged to Boeing.

Morane-Saulnier MS-500 Criquet and Boeing Stearman 75 PT-13D.

Salmson D6 Cricri

Reg. F-AZAB Salmson D6 Cricri is the brown aircraft behind the BMW 328 Autenrieth Sport Cabriolet.

AsDesAs BUCK.jpg

Bücker Bü133C Jungmeister

Fictitious registration D-BUCK for this ... Bücker Bü 133C or CASA 1.133 ?

AsDesAs D-BUCK.jpg

CASA 1.131 Jungmann

Continuity error : once in flight over Bavaria, 14 yellow is vanished and upper wing code is missing.
Reg. D-AZBU CASA 1.131 Jungmann (Spanish built version of the Bücker Bü-131 Jungmann). Real registration was F-AZBU which replaced the former F-BOHF.
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Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman

Reg. F-AZBN (but wearing D-AZBN for the movie with L-H on the tail instead the civil Swatiska of Lufthansa's aircraft). This UC-64A c/n 774 is an ex-USAAF s/n 44-70509 sold to the civil market and so registered EC-ANO, I-AIAK and CN-TEE through decades before being bought by Stichting Noorduyn Lelystad in 2004 for restoration. Now on display as N4474 at Luchtvaart Museum Aviodrome, Lelystad Airport, Netherlands.

On the left border is the right wing of a Dassault Flamant.

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