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L'héritier movie poster.

Movie (1973)
English titles: The Inheritor/The Exterminator

Jean-paul Belmondo (Barthélémy 'Bart' Cordell)
Carla Gravina (Liza de Rocquencourt)
Jean Rochefort (André Berthier aka Le Nonce)
Charles Denner (David Loeweinstein)

Hugo Cordell, one of the most fortunate french industrialist, is killed with his wife in a plane crash. His single son wants to modernize the whole group and to discover who is really responsible of what is not only an air accident.

Boeing 747-143

According to the script, it's the Alitalia flight NYC-Paris AZ603.
Registration I-DEMA, c/n 19729 built in 1970.

Reg. I-DEMA, Boeing 747-143 of Alitalia.
Reg. I-DEMA, Boeing 747-143 of Alitalia.

Douglas DC-8-43

Seen just after the landing of the Boeing 747, far in the background a Douglas DC-8-43 of Air Canada.

Douglas DC-8-43 of Air Canada.

McDonnell Douglas DC-9

McDonnell Douglas DC-9 of Alitalia.

Beechcraft Baron

LHeritier AviaPop3 Baron.jpg

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter & Beechcraft Bonanza

Behind the Baron, the V-tail of a Bonanza and a swiss Pilatus PC-6.

LHeritier AviaPop2 Bonanza PC-6.jpg

Unidentified Cessna

We guess in the background the upper wing of an unidentified type of Cessna.

LHeritier AviaPop5.jpg

Jodel DR-1050 Ambassadeur

LHeritier DR-1050.jpg

Mignet HM 293M Pou du Ciel

With the wings folded. Please, look at the discussion tab.

LHeritier hangar3.jpg

Nord 1101 Noralpha

The white plane at left.

LHeritier Noralpha.jpg

Convair 440-11 Metropolitan

Front page of La Tribune de Genève with a B&W picture of a twin engine airliner. A Convair 440 of Swissair. Please note that the movie is from 1973 but such aircraft were written off from service in 1968.

Convair 440-11 Metropolitan of Swissair.

McDonnell F-101C Voodoo

LHeritier CenturyF.jpg

Dassault Mystère 20F

Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg. F-BSTR, Dassault Mystère 20F c/n 246.
Reg. F-BSTR, Dassault Mystère 20F c/n 246.

Unidentified Aircraft

Through the window at left, a twin engine upper wing aircraft.

LHeritier AviaPop0.jpg
LHeritier AviaPop.jpg

The white plane on the left.

LHeritier AviaPop4.jpg
LHeritier AviaPop6.jpg

The blurred biplane.

LHeritier hangar1.jpg

Unknown airplane at left, then a Noralpha and perhaps a red Jodel.

LHeritier hangar2.jpg

The two tails at left; I'm afraid the 500 pixel size is unsufficient to have a chance to identify with success the both aircrafts. Probably a Morane-Saulnier (Socata) Rallye (tail without the french flag).

LHeritier tails.jpg

Between the two actors.

LHeritier unk.jpg

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