La gente che sta bene

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La gente che sta bene poster.

Movie (2014)
English title: People Who Are Well
French title : Les fortunés

Claudio Bisio (Umberto Maria Dorloni)
Margherita Buy (Carla)
Diego Abatantuono (Patrizio Azzesi)
Jennipher Rodriguez (Morgana)

Umberto Maria Durloni is a successful lawyer and a socialite who likes parties and a lavish life. He's got it all, except any ethical qualms.Only a step away from the top, his perfect world crumbles, showing him the brutal do downside to his life; in a tragicomic downward spiral of deceptions and setbacks, he understands he must fight back to regain his place in society, with some changes.

Unidentified Airliner

Unidentified Alitalia airliner's cabin.


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