La promesse de l'aube

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Disambiguation : this page is about the 2017 Movie ; for the 1970 French-American film, look at Promise at Dawn.

La promesse de l'aube movie poster.

Movie (2017)

Pierre Niney (Roman Kacew aka Romain Gary)
Charlotte Gainsbourg (Mina Kacew)
Didier Bourdon (Alex Gubernatis)
Jean-Pierre Darroussin (Zaremba)

(Synopsis needed)

Stampe SV4

Reg. OO-SPM Stampe SV4C c/n 349 (ex F-BCOC).

LaPromAube19 00001.jpg

Reg. D-EEDW Stampe SV4C c/n 245 (ex F-BCKD).

LaPromAube19 00005.jpg

Flight including Stampe SV4C c/n 1 registered OO-GWC (former F-BFVA then N9480A).

LaPromAube SV4.jpg
LaPromAube desert.jpg
LaPromAube depot.jpg

Stinson L-5 Sentinel

Stinson L-5 Sentinel c/n 76-489 first flew by USAAF with serial 42-98248 then sold to the civil market and registered N57797. Seen here in the background with the code C-6C.

LaPromAube19 00006.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS-505

False registration F-ABFM (real one is F-BDQI) Morane-Saulnier MS-505 c/n 211. In 1940, no desert paint scheme was used by Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) !

LaPromAube19 00011.jpg

Heinkel He 111 (CGI)

LaPromAube19 00012.jpg

Dassault Flamant

Acting as Douglas Boston (which has a single tail unit ...) of groupe de bombardement Lorraine (alias RAF (French) Squadron 342). So, the French roundel is right but the tail unit should have just a small British fin flash, not a tall french flag on the whole rudder !
Aircraft used for the filming :
Dassault MD 312 reg. F-AZFE c/n 237 code OA-L;
Dassault MD 312 reg. F-AZDR c/n 160;
Dassault MD 311 reg. F-AZER c/n 276 code OA-N;
Dassault MD 312 reg. F-AZVG c/n 189 code G.

LaPromAube MD311.jpg
LaPromAube19 00014.jpg
LaPromAube19 00015.jpg
LaPromAube MD311c.jpg

Piper L-4 Cub

Overflying the Champs Elysées, Paris, France.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

LaPromAube19 00013.jpg

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