La sirène du Mississipi

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La sirène du Mississipi movie poster.

Movie (1969)
English title: Mississippi Mermaid

Jean-Paul Belmondo (Louis Mahé)
Catherine Deneuve (Julie Roussel / Marion Vergano )
Nelly Borgeaud (Berthe)
Michel Bouquet (Comolli)

Louis Mahe is a tobacco planter at Reunion Island. He is waiting for Julie Roussel to marry her. He only knows her by mail and a picture.

Boeing 707-328C

France to Reunion Island travel of Julien Mahé (J.P. Belmondo). Boeing 707C of Air France, registred in the series F-BLCx . Take off from Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur and landing at St-Pierre de la Réunion.

Boeing 707-328C of Air France.
Boeing 707-328C of Air France.
Boeing 707-328C of Air France.
Boeing 707-328C of Air France.
Boeing 707-328C of Air France.

Boeing 720-022

Julien Mahé have another flight between France and Réunion Island, but we can’t believe in this. Suggested by a map showing the trip, background image is showing several transport. Some were never used on such travel between Lyon (metropolitan France) and Gillot airport (now Aéroport de La Réunion - Roland-Garros). United Air Lines Boeing 720, a shortened version of the 707.

Boeing 720-022 of United Air Lines.
Boeing 720-022 of United Air Lines.

Bertin Aérotrain 01

This trip is starting with the first experimental Aérotrain, a vehicle on air cushion designed by the company founded by Jean Bertin. It was used only on the experimental and dedicated 6,7 kilometers long inverted "T" concrete monorail built between Limours et Gometz-le-Châtel, 30 km south west of Paris (France). The next ones were have a jet powerplan (Aérotrain 02) or a turboshaft powering a ducted propeller (Aérotrain I80) later upgraded into I80HV with a Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan. Those ones were tested on an another experimental monorail near Orleans (France).

SireneMississipi aerotrain.jpg

SEDAM N.300 Naviplane

Another vehicle on air cushion (hovercraft) using a Jean Bertin copyrighted product : the Multi-skirt.

SireneMississipi N300.jpg
SireneMississipi N300R.jpg

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