Le champignon

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Le champignon /L’assassin frappe à l’aube movie poster.

Movie (1970)
Alternative French title: L’assassin frappe à l’aube
English titles: Fungus / The Mushroom

Mylène Demongeot (Anne Calder)
Jean-Claude Bouillon (Le docteur Eric Calder)
Alida Valli (Linda Benson)
Philippe Monnet (Gaëtan Benson)
Catherine Allégret (Jeanette)
Jean Claudio (L'inspecteur Kogan)
Georges Géret (Kurt)

A young physician becomes lonely when his workaholic wife ignores him to concentrate on her professional career.

Vickers 708 Viscount

French domestic airline Air Inter operated several Vickers Viscount during the 60’s/70’s. This one is of the series 708 registred F-BOEA, F-BOEB or F-BOEC.

Reg.F-BOEx Vickers 708 Viscount of Air Inter.
Reg.F-BOEx Vickers 708 Viscount of Air Inter.

Vickers 724 Viscount

Entered to service for Air Inter in 1965, and written off 10 years later.

Reg.F-BNAX Vickers 724 Viscount of Air Inter.

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