Le mariage de Chiffon

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Le mariage de Chiffon poster.

Movie (1942)

Odette Joyeux (Corysande nicknamed Chiffon)
André Luguet (le duc d'Aubières)
Jacques Dumesnil (Marc de Bray)
Louis Seigner (Philippe de Bray)

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Chiffon 02903.jpg
Chiffon 02953.jpg

Farman HF.3 (replica)

Replica built by Max Holste. As there was no archive and the real plane was just a modified Voisin, Max Holste met Henri Farman in November 1941 who draw a scheme explaining general characteristics (see the Discussion tab). This was the starting point for calculation and built of this replica.
On 24 June 1942, the filming was shot at Bois de Vincennes (the largest public park on the eastern edge of Paris, France).
On 22 June 1944, a bomber in distress drop its load and two bombs reached the Max Holste's factory at Clichy (northwestern suburbs of Paris) destroying all the planes and papers, including the Farman replica.
Named dragonfly, she's the fruit of trial and error by Marc de Bray.

Chiffon 03023.jpg

First seen fitted with a "nine-cylinder inline Levavasseur engine".

Chiffon 03027.jpg

And eventually with a rotary one :

Chiffon 05947.jpg

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