Les bleus du ciel

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Les bleus du ciel movie poster.

Movie (1933)

Albert Préjean (Jean-Pierre)
Blanche Montel (Jeanette Remy)
Georges Péclet (Alex)
Raymond Cordy (Achille)

Jeanette, a successfull pilot woman, will mary only a pilot. Her mechanic, the shy Jean-Pierre, is in love with her but how could he become the choosen of her heart ?

Farman F.231

Reg. F-ALLU Farman F.231 c/n 7313.43 christened "Jeanette". Please note that this registration was formely used for a Breguet XIV.
The 230 family has no less than 12 variants. The 231 engine had a Renault 4Pb and 47 were built.
This airframe was built in 1931 and at the time the movie was shot, Mister Firminhac was the third owner. He sold the aircraft at the end of 1934 just one year before the airframe was written off.

Straight behind the landing Farman we guess a Breguet Br.27.
LesBleusDuCiel 00407 F-ALLU.jpg
As written, powered by a Renault engine.
LesBleusDuCiel 02715 F-ALLU.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 05850.jpg

Various Unidentified Aircraft

Mainly seen during the credit and just before the final action.

LesBleusDuCiel 00104.jpg

Including F-AMEQ Farman F.390 (c/n 7348.1) (later modified into Farman F.392 then Farman F.393).

LesBleusDuCiel 10140.jpg

Boeing F4B-1

Or Boeing F4B-4 ? these are the only two variants of the (navalised) Boeing P-12 able to carry a bomb.

LesBleusDuCiel 00224.jpg

Keystone B-4A

Despite the poor quality of this archive footage, some Keystone B-4A from the 9th Bombardment Squadron.

Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

LesBleusDuCiel 00234.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 00237.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Bomber and bomb bay from an unidentified (American ?) bomber.

This bomber releasing bombs is seen too in Aircraft at Work.
LesBleusDuCiel 00241.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.138

... or perhaps MS.137 or MS.139 (depending the engine).

LesBleusDuCiel 00250.jpg

Breguet Br.27

Continuity error : the Morane-Saulnier's shadow is this of a Breguet Br.27 !
This aircraft was used for filming action in the air, a camera taking the place of the rear machine gun mount (see bottom the Farman F.40 section).

LesBleusDuCiel 00305.jpg

Farman F.200

LesBleusDuCiel 00326.jpg

Various Blériot Aircraft

Seen at Aéroparc de Buc (airfield south-west of Paris, France which was closed in 1966).
(bottom to top) Blériot Bl.111/3 and Blériot XI and the Blériot Bl.125 (reg. F-ALZD), unsuccessfull prototype for a twin fuselages airliner.

LesBleusDuCiel 00354.jpg

S.P.C.A. 80

Reg. F-AKFH S.P.C.A. 80 c/n 1.

LesBleusDuCiel 00450 F-AKFH.jpg

Blériot-Spad 92-2

Reg. F-AJHK c/n 4432.15. Built as Spad 92 (with an inline Hispano-Suiza engine), this aircraft was modified several times. Seen here powered by a 9 cylinders Salmson radial, she eventually ended as 92-4 with wheel spats and a NACA engine cowling.

LesBleusDuCiel 01322 F-AJHK.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 01340 F-AJHK.jpg

Caudron C.282 Phalène

Reg. F-AMEY Caudron C-282 Phalène c/n 6697.8.

LesBleusDuCiel 02540.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

LesBleusDuCiel 02908.jpg

Potez 39

LesBleusDuCiel 02910.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.137 or MS.139

Or even a Morane-Saulnier MS.191 ?

LesBleusDuCiel 03000.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 03353.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

LesBleusDuCiel 03130.jpg

Continuity error : Jeanette and Jean-Pierre take off and land with the low wing F-ALLU but several aerobatics are shown with this parasol wing airframe.

Morane-Saulnier MS.340 ?

Farman F.230

Reg. F-ALCM Farman F.230 c/n 7231.5.

LesBleusDuCiel 03410 F-ALCM.jpg

Seen again during the chase ...

LesBleusDuCiel 10205 F-ALCM.jpg

Farman F.291

Reg. F-ALUI Farman F.291 c/n 7335.4 christened "Joe II" with the celeb pilot woman Maryse Hilsz (acting as herself).
Note the two tricolor stripes denoting two notable flights : long distance flight of Paris - Saigon - Paris (on a Morane Moth) and women's altitude record at 10,000 m (33,000 ft, August 19, 1932).
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

LesBleusDuCiel 04152.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 04157.jpg

Farman F.200

LesBleusDuCiel 04815.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 04914.jpg

The same action is split by two filming using different aircraft :

LesBleusDuCiel 04910 F-AJR.jpg

F-AJSC c/n 7206.19 :

LesBleusDuCiel 04913 F-AJSC.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 10147.jpg

Schreck FBA 17 HT4

Reg. F-AJVL Schreck FBA 17 HT4 c/n 193.

LesBleusDuCiel 05220.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 05330.jpg

Farman F.356

Reg. F-AMCX Farman F.356 c/n 7347.1. Later fitted with a Renault 4 Pdi engine (120 hp) and with a single seat, she was used for long distance flights and record breaking, reaching Saïgon (now Ho Chi Minh City) from Paris in 151 flight hours (26 July - 1st August 1936).

LesBleusDuCiel 10128 F-AMCX.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 10355.jpg

Farman F.194

LesBleusDuCiel 10135.jpg

Caudron C.270 Luciole

Reg. F-ALUL Caudron C.270 Luciole c/n 6589.21.

LesBleusDuCiel 10145.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 10146 F-ALUL.jpg

Potez 43.1

Reg. F-AMLA Potez 43.1 c/n 3378.

LesBleusDuCiel 10155 F-AMLA.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.60 Moth

(De Havilland or licenced built) Morane-Saulnier MS.60 Moth ?

LesBleusDuCiel 10207.jpg

Farman F.352

Reg. F-ALHF Farman F.352 c/n 7282.1 (modified from a Farman F.234).

LesBleusDuCiel 10210 F-ALHF.jpg

Farman F.40

Reg. F-AHMF Farman F.40 c/n 6828 used by Farman for promotional / memory flight.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

LesBleusDuCiel 10425 F-AHMF.jpg
With the blurred Breguet Br.27's tail in the foreground.

Caudron C.232 & Potez 43

LesBleusDuCiel 10431.jpg

Nieuport-Delage Ni-D. 622

LesBleusDuCiel 10907.jpg
LesBleusDuCiel 10910.jpg

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