Les chevaliers du ciel (1967 TV Series)

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Les chevaliers du ciel (1967 TV Series) DVD cover.

TV Series (1967-1970)

Jacques Santi (Michel Tanguy)
Christian Marin (Ernest Laverdure)
Michele Girardon (Nicole)
Roger Pigaut (Capitaine Merlet)

(Synopsis needed)

Season One

Dassault Mystère IV

Ep. 1.01

2014-09-02 17h56 58.png
2014-09-02 17h57 43.png

Various Aircraft

Two Dassault Mystère IVs with a Dassault Flamant on the left and a Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard in the background.

2014-09-02 18h00 55.png

Dassault Mirage III C

Ep. 1.01

2014-09-02 18h09 55.png

Ep. 1.02
Probably s/n 33 which worn code 2-EC between January 1966 and April 1968.


Ep. 1.03
Dassault Mirage III C s/n 63 of EC 1/2 Cigognes between April 1966 and December 1968.

CdC 1-03 IIIC 63.jpg

This line-up shows the right side (SPA 103) of the fighters of EC 1/2 Cigognes.

CdC 1-03 cigognes.jpg

Dassault Mirage III B

Ep. 1.02
Probably Mirage III B s/n 227 which has worn tactical code 2-FP between June 1966 and December 1969. Note the Gull emblem of the SPA 57 (the other side is the Griffon -see bottom-) of EC 2/2 Côte d'Or.


Ep. 1.03
Dassault Mirage III B of EC 2/2 Côte d'Or (SPA 65 Griffon).

CdC 1-03 IIIB 2-FS.jpg
CdC 1-03 IIIB 2-FSb.jpg

Sud Aviation SA 313/315 Alouette II & Agusta-Bell 47G-2

Ep. 1.09
Both of the Gendarmerie (French M.P.).
In the background, with the code JAE, is Agusta-Bell 47 G2 c/n 197.


Airbase Life

Training of the Fire Brigade with an Unidentified Dassault Mirage III C.

CdC 1-03 crash.jpg

Atar jet engine testbed.

CdC 1-03 Atar.jpg

Radar Cyrano.

CdC 1-03 radar Cyrano.jpg

Rocket SEPR 841 on trial (used to boost interception performances).

CdC 1-03 SEPR841.jpg

Season Three

Sikorsky H-34

Ep. 3.02

Sikorsky H-34 of the Belgian Air Force.

Supermarine Spitfire

Ep. 3.02


Dassault Mirage G

Ep. 3.03
A single prototype, powered by a single Pratt & Whitney/SNECMA TF-306 turbofan was built and fly-tested in 1968/1970 (first flight on 18 November 1967).
The Mirage G was developed into the twin-engine Mirage G8 of which two airframes were fly-tested : G8-01 was a two-seat and is now part of Musée de l'Air of Le Bourget (Air Museum Paris-Le Bourget) ; G8-02 was a single-seat and made its first flight on 13 July 1972. If the French Air Force eventually didn't ordered them, Dassault etablished tight links with Ling-Temco-Vought and they designed the Vought V-507 competitor for the US Navy's VFX programm (eventually won by the Grumman F-14).

CdC 3-03 MirageGa.jpg
CdC 3-03 MirageGb.jpg
CdC 3-03 MirageGc.jpg
CdC 3-03 MirageGd.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.1500 Epervier

Ep. 3.03
Seen with its cowling panels removed, showing its black thin turboprop in front of a C.E.V. (Centre d'Essais en Vol / Air Test Center) English Electric Canberra (dayglow orange nose).

CdC 3-03 MS1500.jpg

Breguet Br 1050 Alizé

Ep. 3.07
(screenshot needed)

Aérospatiale SA 316B Alouette III

Ep. 3.07
(screenshot needed)

Dassault Etendard IV

Ep. 3.07
(screenshot needed)

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