Lotnoye proisshestviye

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Lotnoye proisshestviye title screen.

TV Movie (1986)
Russian title : Лётное происшествие

Dimitri Brusnikin (Viktor Rosanov )
Alexander Feklistov (Sasha )
Elena Mayoroff (Nina)
Maria Sitko (Masha)

Sukhoi Su-7BM

This Sukhoi Su-7BM is erected as a public monument. No more visible now but it was at Sverdlovsk (today : Yekaterinburg) until 1989 at least.

FlightAcc Su-7BM.jpg

Tupolev Tu-154B

Reg. CCCP-85171 Tupolev Tu-154B s/n 76A171 built in 1976; becomes Tupolev Tu-154B-1 when registered RA-85171 on May 1993. Lies now derelic at Chelyabinsk airport since May 1995 where it is used for fire fighting training duties.

Reg. CCCP-85171 Tupolev Tu-154B of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Not sure it's the same airframe.

Tupolev Tu-154B of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Other airframe seen : CCCP-85508.

Antonov An-12BP

(Please note that the title picture is shot from the nose of an Antonov 12.)
Reg. CCCP-11976 ; two Antonov An-12 were registered under this code.

Antonov An-12BP of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.
Antonov An-12BP of Antonov An-12BP of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Reg. CCCP-11019, a Antonov 12 of the 42nd serie, c/n 6344202.

Antonov An-12BP ofAntonov An-12BP of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.
Antonov An-12BP of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Yakovlev Yak-40

Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

FlightAcc YAK-40.jpg

Yaк-40 СССР-87343 c/n 9511239.Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

FlightAcc An-26B CCCP-87343.jpg

Antonov An-26B

Aeroflot-Polyarnaya Aviatsiya (Polar aviation).

FlightAcc An-26a.jpg
FlightAcc An-26b.jpg

Reg. CCCP-26023. Aeroflot-Polyarnaya Aviatsiya (Polar aviation).

FlightAcc An-26B CCCP-26023.jpg
FlightAcc An-26B mech.jpg

Antonov An-2

Aeroflot-Polyarnaya Aviatsiya (Polar aviation).

FlightAcc An-2.jpg

REgistration CCCP-70483.Aeroflot-Polyarnaya Aviatsiya (Polar aviation).

FlightAcc An-2 CCCP-70483.jpg

Other Antonov An-2 seen was registered CCCP-07858.Aeroflot-Polyarnaya Aviatsiya (Polar aviation).

FlightAcc An-2 CCCP-0785n.jpg

Mil Mi-8

Registration CCCP-22435.

FlightAcc Mi-8 CCCP-22435.jpg

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