Madame X

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Madame X Movie Poster.

Movie (1966)

Lana Turner (Holly Parker)
John Forsythe (Clayton Anderson)
Ricardo Montalban (Phil Benton)
Burgess Meredith (Dan Sullivan)
Constance Bennett (Estelle Anderson)
Keir Dullea (Clayton Anderson Jr)

A young woman marries into a wealthy family much to the chagrin of her mother-in-law. As her husband spends little time with her she embarks upon an affair with a playboy. When he dies she is forced to disappear by faking her own death by her mother-in-law. Years later, she returns to America where circumstances contrive to make her meet her - now grown up - son who has no idea who she is and still believes that she is dead.

Douglas DC-6

Douglas DC-6 of Mexicana de Aviación.
Douglas DC-6 of Mexicana de Aviación.

Douglas DC-8-33

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