Mariners of the Sky

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Mariners of the Sky title card.

Movie (1936)
Also Known As : Navy Born

William Gargan (Lt. "Red" Furness)
Claire Dodd (Bernice Farrington)
Douglas Fowley (Lt. Steve Bassett)
George Irving (Adm. Kingston)

(Synopsis needed)

Unidentified Aircraft

Hard to say which type is used with the catapult of this battle ship due to the poor quality of the screenshot.

MarinersOfTheSky 00100.jpg

Boeing F4B-1

MarinersOfTheSky 00134.jpg

Martin BM

Aboard the USS Lexington (CV-2).

MarinersOfTheSky 00613.jpg
MarinersOfTheSky 00620.jpg

Boeing F4B-3

Boeing F4B-3 of VF-1 Fighter Squadron of the United States Navy.

MarinersOfTheSky 00623.jpg

Martin T4M

MarinersOfTheSky 00717.jpg

Monocoupe 90

Reg. NC192K Monocoupe 90 c/n 526.

MarinersOfTheSky 03533.jpg
MarinersOfTheSky 03535.jpg
MarinersOfTheSky 03615 NC192K.jpg

Stearman C3R

Model kit.

MarinersOfTheSky 05758.jpg
MarinersOfTheSky 10346.jpg

Stinson SR-5E Reliant

Vilains are piloting this Stinson wearing a fictitious registration (12H45) seen on the real machine.

MarinersOfTheSky 05838.jpg

But some action uses a model kit.

MarinersOfTheSky 10206.jpg

Cockpit has the twin steering wheels of the Stinson Reliant but windows don't fit.

MarinersOfTheSky 10400.jpg

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