Maximum Revenge

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Maximum Revenge poster.

Movie (1997)
Also known as: Maximum Security

Paul Michael Robinson (Mace Richter)
John Lazar (Murdock)
Landon Hall (Tracy Quinn)
Neil Delama (Stefan)

A policeman, unjustly sentenced and sent to a maximum security prison, discovers terrorists have planted a nuclear bomb in the prison. The terrorists hope to trick the U.S. into a retaliatory strike against Arab nations, innocently implicated. The policeman, along with the other prisoners, must defuse the bomb and save Los Angeles, and avert World War III.

Boeing 727

Fake "American Independent Airlines" livery.

Maximumrevengeavi 000164332.jpg
Maximumrevengeavi 000166416.jpg
Maximumrevengeavi 000421355.jpg

Boeing 737

At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX).

Boeing 737 of United Airlines.

Boeing 747-446

At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX).

Boeing 747 of JAL-Japan Airlines.

Boeing 747-467F/SCD

At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX).

Boeing 747-467F/SCD of Cathay Pacific Cargo.

Cessna U-3 Blue Canoe

2017-10-18 12h07 37.jpg

McDonnell Douglas MD-82

McDonnell Douglas MD-82 of American Airlines.

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