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Dangers dans le ciel title card.

TV Series (Season 10 - 2010)
Also known as:
Mayday / Air Disasters (Québec)
Air Emergency (USA)
Air Crash Investigation(s) (English title)


Episode One

(not yet analysed)

Episode Two

(not yet analysed)

Episode Three : Pilot Betrayed (Scandinavian Airlines Flight 751)

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

Captain Stephan Rasmussen in front of a Flyvevåbnet (Royal Danish Air Force) Lockheed F-104G Starfighter.

DDLC-S10E3 01.jpg

Boeing 737-683

Reg. LN-RRY SAS-Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-683 c/n 28297/30.

DDLC-S10E3 02 LN-RRY.jpg

Late in this episode : reg. LN-RPY Boeing 737-683 c/n 28292 (Ex SE-DNO).

DDLC-S10E3 10 LN-RPY.jpg

reg. LN-RCT Boeing 737-683 c/n 30189 built in 1999 (ex N1786B, OY-KKF).

DDLC-S10E3 11.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-21

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-21 registered in Sweden (SE-D??).

DDLC-S10E3 03 SE-D MD-81.jpg

Reg. OY-KIC SAS "Siger Viking" McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-21 c/n 47361/488. Other registrations were SE-DBO, SE-DBO, N127NK.

DDLC-S10E3 04 OY-KIC.jpg

McDonnell Douglas MD-82

Airliner with the orange engine fairing : Reg. OY-KHM Mette Viking McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 c/n 49914/1693 of SAS / Scandinavian Airlines System. Flew with other registration N479DN. Built in 1990, it was WFU (Withdrawn from Use) on first of December 2012.

DDLC-S10E3 05 OY-KIM.jpg

Hkp 3B (Agusta-Bell 204B)

Hkp 3B (Agusta-Bell 204B) of the Svenska flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force), c/n 3007 reg. 03425 serial 95. Now display at Aeroseum, Göteborg, Sweden.

DDLC-S10E3 07.jpg

McDonnell Douglas MD-81

Reg. OY-KHO McDonnell Douglas MD-81 Dana Viking c/n 53003/1844. Built in 1991 and crashed on 27 December 1991.

DDLC-S10E3 08.jpg
DDLC-S10E3 08a.jpg

Boeing 737-7H4

Boeing 737-7H4 of Southwest Airlines.

DDLC-S10E3 09.jpg

Cessna T-37B Dragonfly

Built in 1968.

DDLC-S10E3 12.jpg

Lockheed C-5A Galaxy

DDLC-S10E3 13.jpg

Episode Four

(not yet analysed)

Episode Five

(not yet analysed)

Episode Six : Who's In Control? (Turkish Airlines Flight 1951)

Eurocopter EC135T-2

Reg. PH-ULP Eurocopter EC135T-2 c/n 0376 of ANWB.

DDLC-S10E6 EC135 PH-ULP.jpg

Boeing 737-8F2

Registration TC-JGE, c/n 29789/1065.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg.TC-JGE Boeing 737-8F2 of Turkish Airlines.

Boeing 737-319

Boeing 737-319 of Air New Zealand.

Boeing 737-7CT

Boeing 737-7CT of WestJet.

Boeing 777-236ER

Registration G-YMMM, c/n 30314/342 built in 2001.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg.G-YMMM Boeing 777-236ER of British Airways.

Crashed at London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL).

Reg.G-YMMM Boeing 777-236ER of British Airways.

McDonnell Douglas MD-82

Scandinavian Airlines seen in the middle of the British Airlines Flight 38 story (!).

McDonnell Douglas MD-82 of SAS-Scandinavian Airlines.

Lockheed L-1011-385-1 Tristar 1

Reg. N726DA Lockheed L-1011 TriStar c/n 1163 Delta Air Lines Flight 191 (subject of Ep. 3, Season 5).
Seen again in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg.N726DA Lockheed L-1011-385-1 Tristar 1 of Delta Air Lines.

Boeing 737-406 & Airbus A330-203

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS/EHAM).

Boeing 737-406 and Airbus A330-203 of KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines.

Boeing 777-206ER

Registration PH-BQI,c/n 33714/497. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS/EHAM).

Reg.PH-BQI Boeing 777-206ER of KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines.

Boeing 747-436

Boeing 747-436 of British Airways.

Boeing 737-823

Registration N940AN c/n 30598 built in 2000.

Reg.N940AN Boeing 737-823 of American Airlines.

Airbus A321-111

Airbus A321 of Swiss International Air Lines which registration ends by ...C (HB-IOC (c/n 520)?).

Airbus A321-111 of Swiss International Air Lines.

Boeing 737-838

Sydney Airport Control Tower with a Boeing 737 of Quantas.

Boeing 737-838 of Qantas.

Bombardier CRJ100ER

Bombardier CRJ100/200 of Air Canada Jazz near the old Calgary International Airport (YYC/CYYC) Tower (which has been dismantled during summer 2014).

Bombardier CRJ100ER of Air Canada Jazz.

Boeing 777

Boeing 777 of American Airlines.

Boeing 757-223

Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines.

De Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 or DHC-8-200

(at right) Short version 100 or 200 of the Dash 8. Several airlines use black / dark rudder and tail with tail's foot of the same color on a white fuselage and wings and engine's nacelles. Perhaps a thin line of the same dark color under the fuselage ... it could be various airlines (Olympic, Air Ontario, Southern Winds, ...).

De Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7.

Unidentified Aircraft

Gulfstream ?

DDLC-S10E6 Gulfstream.jpg

Boeing 757-23A

Reg. N52AW, c/n 25489/505. Boeing 757 of Aeroperú Flight 603 subject of Episode 4 (Season 1).

Reg.N52AW Boeing 757-23A of AeroPerú.

Boeing 757-223

Registration N651AA, 24609/390. Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines Flight 965 subject of Episode 5 (Season 2).

Reg.N651AA Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines.

Boeing 777-200

Reg. N7771 Boeing 777-200 prototype c/n 27116/1.

Reg.N7771 Boeing 777-200 prototype of the Boeing Compagny.

Airbus A320-211

Airbus A320-211 (or 214 ?) of Air Canada.

Airbus A320-211 of Air Canada.

Boeing 777

Boieng 777.

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